How We Work

Scope of Services

Your Needs And Our Role

You want to purchase only the legal services you need and to keep your costs in line with those needs. Before beginning your work, we discuss with you the nature, scope and potential cost of these services and our role in providing them. For example, we may be primarily responsible for an entire transaction, part of a team with your personnel, or an advisor on a single issue. We discuss with you changes in the scope of services if they are indicated.

Legal Research

Before doing extensive legal research, we assess what is relevant to the client's circumstances and discuss it.

Team Service

Team approach

We are committed to a team approach and an environment that is free from discrimination. We work with your personnel and any consultant or third party services you hire.

Primary service team

We shall tailor for your legal needs a primary service team led by an engagement partner who shall be supported by professionals whose selection is based upon their experience and expertise.

Other consultants

We ask for your approval before hiring other consultants or third party service providers, other than for routine or incidental services. We ordinarily ask those service providers to bill you directly.

Delegation and quality assurance

We believe that appropriate delegation of work, with appropriate supervision, translates into value for money. We avoid "over-lawyering".


We will discuss our fees with you at any time.

Standard Rate Arrangements

Our fees are ordinarily based on the time spent, valued at the standard rates of the professionals doing your work. These standard rates vary and reflect the expertise and experience of the professional providing the services. This is governed by Professional legal and regulatory guidelines.

Alternative fee arrangements

It is customary for different fee arrangements to be agreed upon. For example, it is sometimes appropriate to have a block task fee for a large project. We encourage discussion of alternative fee arrangements before starting your work.


Account format

We provide you with as much detail of the time spent on your work as you request. If you have any account format requirements, please tell us.

Billing frequency

Ordinarily, each month, we issue one account that details the fees and disbursements for all services provided during the previous month. For project work, billing may occur more or less frequently as agreed.


We bill in Uganda Shillings or a convertible currency, as you prefer.

Services tax

Your account includes applicable Value Added Tax.



We may ask for an advance against fees and disbursements, which we hold in trust, and for which we fully account. The amount of any advance requested depends on a number of factors which we discuss with you.


Our accounts are due on receipt. If you have any questions about an account, we encourage you to ask them immediately so that we may discuss them. If an account remains unpaid after discussions with you, we reserve the right to charge interest as permitted by the Advocates Act Cap. and to stop further work, subject to the rules of professional conduct.


Conflicts of interest

Before we begin your work, we ensure that we have no legal conflicts of interest in accordance with the Professional Conduct Regulations. If in the course of your work a legal conflict of interest arises, we discuss it with you immediately.

Professional liability insurance

We carry insurance although it is not mandatory under Law Council regulations.



We pride ourselves on being accessible. A member of your Primary Service Team is always available to you in person or through his or her own direct telephone lines with voicemail and secretarial backup.

Open and direct communication

We know that open and direct communication is essential for a long-term successful relationship. If you have any questions about our Business Arrangements or our service, speak with your Engagement Partner.